October 20, 2010

Our newest blessing!

Gianna Lynne Diem was born August 24. We have been so blessed by the joy she has brought to our family. They boys are doing great with her, and have shown no signs of being jealous at all. Gianna can't cry for more then a minute without one of the boys running and telling me that "Gianna is crying, she needs milk" I don't even need baby monitors with the two of them watching out for her. We were told that going from two to three would be hard, we have our fun moments, but really we have been adjusting well. Praise the Lord she is healthy, sleeping and eating well. My parents where able to come and visit us shortly after her birth, they stayed for two weeks. We had a great time, and they enjoyed there only granddaughter out of (soon to be) five grandsons. God has provided all of our needs, people sent clothing down with my parents, it is very expensive here for babies. My best friend bought me a stroller for all three kiddos, and sent it down with my parents, HUGE BLESSING, with all the walking I have to do here. Some people have increased our support a little without us asking,just because the Lord laid it on there heart to do so, which is a blessing with the extra costs of another child. God is so Gracious to us! Thank you for taking the time to read our blog! Finally updated it a little. Serving Him with great JOY! The Diems

July 27, 2010

A trip out of the city!

Josiah is on winter break right now from kindergarten. We are enjoying are time with him at home, and trying to soak in every moment together while it is still just the four of us. We decided to go visit some friends that we went to language school with in Salta, Argentina, about an eight hour car ride west. We really enjoyed our time with them of sharing our hearts with them about ministry and encouraging one another. They are also working with church planting in the Andes mountains, so Steve was able to go with Joe out to one of the little villages where he is thinking of starting a bible study to do some research. We really felt sharpened and ready to come back to ministry here after our time with them. The boys really enjoyed playing with there three year old son. We hardly saw the boys all day they just kept to themselves in the play room or out side making "soup".
This week Steve is right back into the swing of ministry here, I am trying to relax a little more to keep my contractions down to a minimum. Steve has been getting the food for the family this week so I don't have to do any walking, which really seems to be helping with the contractions. I have been trying to do a little more preschool work with Elliott at home, he loves doing it! He loves to follow instructions, and loves learning.
Please continue to uphold the ministry here in your prayers, for the growth of the believers in the church. And for seeds to planted in the hearts of others in and around the city, that they may come to an understanding and true relationship with Christ. Pray for Steve as he continues faithfully the different ministries here. Pray that the Lord would provide someone that he can disciple and bring along to the different ministries that he is envolved in.
Steve is hoping to go to Mercedes which is a small town about three hours from here to spend some time encouraging, praying, and teaching a group of people out there that have started a Bible study together. They have such a desire to study The Word and follow His will. He will just go out there for the day, and come back that night. It is a small group of believers, but very vibrent, and growing. Very encouraging to be around.
Three weeks left till the due date of our fifth team memeber joining us. We are very excited to see how the Lord will work out all the many details. Pray for safety of the baby, and me while in labour in a different country. Praise the Lord He is in control, in the States, or in South America. Thank you for taking the time to check out our blog! Serving Him in Argentina, The Diem Family

April 4, 2010

Fishing for Men & Eating Fish...

We have been enjoying having Joel Willoughby work along side Steve for the past month. He is an intern working with our mission, and he will be here for 3 months total. It has been an encouragment to have his enthusiasam for the Gods Word, and different out look on the ministry here. It has been nice for Steve to have someone be able to work along side of him.
Josiah is doing well in his school. He loves it when he has days off, and so do I. We enjoy having him around the whole day, even though it's only three hours, we miss his presence while at school. Although, Elliott does tend to take a little longer nap while he is away. He is adjusting well with the language, the teacher was surprised how fast he picked it up. We had our first parent teacher confrence last week, good practice with spanish for an hour. End result, he's doing well.
Looking foward to another Doctors apointment this week, hoping to see our baby again, I think the boys will love it. They do an ultrasound every apointment here, which I love. I can feel the baby moving all of the time now. I'm due August 17! Continue to pray for the health and delivary of the baby. I have been feeling well, natious and tired...but I don't think I could call it a pregnancy with out those symptoms.
Elliott turned three March 16, we were able to celebrate with our co-workers and Joel and pastor Henry Johnson who was visiting from the states. We had a nice little celabration. Josiah is excited, because now his birthday is next!

Steve learned the art of the Argentine grill we had some friends over that brought dinner with them, best kind of company to have! We enjoyed grilled fish with a wonderful homemade salsa, and cheese on top. They have the costom of eating the head as well, I'm not quite ready for that yet.
Steve will be co-teaching now at the church while Bob is gone on furlough. Steve, Pépe and Joel are really excited about working on a vision statement with the church here. Steve will be teaching Wednesday evenings through Nehemiah, with the underlying theme being vision/values. And on Sundays they will be taking turns preaching through the book of Acts, to learn from the model of the early church. Saturdays while Joel is here, he is teaching through the book of Éxodos.
Thank you for checking in with us!!!

March 10, 2010

Big News!

Steve and I are excited to finally share with you all the news that we are expecting our third child in August! We were excited last month to be able to see the Baby in an ultrasound, I think I was even more emotional this time around, knowing the treasure that life is after having our two energy filled boys. We are praising the Lord, please pray for a healthy baby. We will not be finding out the gender, so it will be a surprise.

We were so grateful this week to receive our monthly income statement from our mission. We were excited to see the love gift that had been added to our car fund. What an encouragement that was to us. We are continuing waiting on the Lord for the rest of the funds to come in for us to be able to put down at least half of the cost, which is what they require at all the car dealerships here.

Josiah Started school Monday of last week. He is excited about it, yet a little shy still. He is really doing well with the language for just being in school for a couple of days. We had the first parent teacher meeting and we are praying for opportunities to meet parents and share our purpose of being here. Time went to fast with Josiah, I can't believe he is already in school.

Thank you for checking in our blog! Sorry for the delay in the update! Continue to pray for our family as we are serving the Lord here in Argentina.